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miFLAVOUR offers always madefromscratch Frenchinspired desserts, rich coffee, Ice Cream Macarons and incredible cakes. No other bakery in town so far can say that everything is handcrafted to have that very personal touch. Everything including their hand painted lavender macarons, house made fresh fruit jams, creamy caramel, crme brulee torched in front of you, and every tiny detail of every dessert is hand done by the bakers at miFLAVOUR.

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3403 E Sprague Ave

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(509) 315 -4516

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Individual Desserts

3" Mirror Mousse

Creme Brulee

3" Tarts



ESME - Strawberry Macaron


Summer days and picnics come to mind with this scrumptious Strawberry French macaron. A delightful pink crust drizzled in white chocolate and filled with homemade strawberry jam blended with Italian butter cream. Don t forget your checked blanket and lemonade to go with this delicious macaron.

FINN - Cake Batter Macaron


Our version of the cake batter French Macaron is filled with cake batter flavoured Italian Buttercream. Unlike most cake batter macarons you find on the market, Finn is completely gluten free! Bakeries are usually known to use boxed cake mixes to flavour their cake batter fillings; but not us! To maintain our promise of not using any boxed mixes in our kitchen, we did a lot of researching and experimenting to find the perfect way of infusing the cake batter flavour by only using real extracts! What are you waiting for?! Hurry and order Finn to see what all the rave is about!

MAY - Lavender Macaron


Be whisked away to the lavender fields of Provence, France. This Lavender French macaron has a delightful purple crust with a lavender infused white chocolate ganache filling. The sweet lavender flower garnish will enchant the eyes as the taste will charm the senses.

KAIA - Passion Fruit Macaron


Fit for the King of the Sea this passionfruit French macaron, Kaia, is reminiscent of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands it comes from. Kaia is filled with a silky passionfruit Italian butter cream and has a royal purple crust that is as pleasing to the eyes and tastes as the flowers and fruit themselves. So sit back and float away to the peaceful seas of Hawaii in your mind as you enjoy this royal treat anywhere you are.

LILAH - Lemon Macaron


Sunshine and spring days will seem to come to you when you bite into the delicious lemon French macaron. A light lemon white chocolate ganache fills the bespeckled bright yellow crusted macaron. Enjoy the pleasures of the sun in every perfectly citrus bite.

ALVA - Red Velvet Macaron


Start a fire, get your coffee and book, and settle in with this delectable Red Velvet French macaron. With a slightly chocolatey cream cheese filling and lightly drizzled classic rich red crust, you ll be enchanted with this best seller.

ZORA - Chocolate Macaron


This chocolate version of the French macaron is filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache. This cookie is absolutely irresistible for anyone but especially a chocolate lover.

ROSA - Rosewater Macaron


Much like its sweet name this Rosewater French macaron is as delicate and balanced as the flower itself. Its smooth rosewater infused ganache and light pink color with dainty white dotted crust will have you feeling like traipsing through rosee gardens even on the coldest of winter days.

ERLEN - Salted Caramel Macaron


Autumn leaves and salted caramel please! This sweet and salty French macaron is filled with a housemade salted caramel that s perfectly blended with French butter cream. Garnished with swirls of chocolate and sprinkled with course sea salt, Erlen is all the delights of fall all year around.

PAX - Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron


The flavor everyone has been waiting for! This French macaron is filled with a rich house-made chocolate hazelnut ganache, aka Nutella. It took us months to figure out the perfect recipe for the hazelnut filling. We used high quality chocolate and hazelnuts to make the perfectly smooth and decadent ganache filling. This cookie is absolutely irresistible and is now ready for everyone to enjoy!

TOBI - Coffee Macaron


Rummy eyed and groggy? Not with this delightful Coffee French macaron. Like a perfect cup of coffee poured into the form of a macaron, this chocolate crust filled with coffee infused Italian butter cream is the perfect treat to be enjoyed from dawn till dusk.

TIA - Raspberry Cotton Candy Macaron


Let the carnival come alive in your mind as you delve into this Raspberry Cotton Candy French macaron. Tia s beguiling pink and blue crust is stuffed with a raspberry cotton candy Italian butter cream. So why wait for the carnival to come to town when you can enjoy the flavors right from home with Tia?

TIKI - Pineapple Macaron


Palm treees sway and the ocean will roar in your mind as you bite into this scrumptious Pineapple French macaron. It s brilliantly bright yellow crust dusted with a gleaming gold pineapple is filled with a succulent pineapple Italian butter cream. Fill your mind and mouth with a trip to tropics with Tiki.

VIVIA - Raspberry Cheesecake


Out of cheesecake and craving a bite? Not anymore. Vivia is a Raspberry Cheesecake French macaron that will thoroughly satisfy any sweet tooth. A luscious light maroon crust drizzled in soft pink is brimming with a smooth raspberry cream cheese filling. So satiate that obsession with Vivia.

LAYLA - Mango Macaron


Just close your eyes and enjoy the perfect beach sunset in your mind with this light Mango French macaron. Filled with a mango Italian butter cream and encased by a sunset colored crust, you ll feel like you re right at home under the palm treees and soaking up the refreshing sea spray.

MOMO - Maple Bacon


Enjoy the taste of delicious bacon dripping in maple syrup in this Maple Bacon French macaron. A dark tan colored crust is filled with a pure maple syrup Italian buttercream that s scattered with smoky bacon bits. So don t wait for breakfast when you can indulge in Momo from dawn till dusk.

LANDON - London Fog Macaron


With a crust that seems to have been cut from the foggy London skies, this London Fog French macaron is reminiscent of the famous and classic tea itself. With a touch of lavender, vanilla bean, and of course earl grey tea all blended into a satiny Italian butter cream, Landon is the perfect treat to bring sunshine even on grey days.

WILLOW - Pistachio Macaron


As addicting as the nut it comes from this Pistachio French Macaron is completely irresistible to any pistachio lover. It s light green crust dusted with pistachio crumbs is filled with a delicate pistachio Italian butter cream. Willow is a macaron you won t want to eat just one of.

Cake by the Slice

ZEE - Famous Chocolate Cake By The Slice


The perfect way to die, death by chocolate cake. Though Zee is no ordinary chocolate cake. Zee is an opulent chocolate cake filled with decadently creamy chocolate ganache and finished with a perfectly satin chocolate Italian butter cream. Chocolate, layered on chocolate, and finished with more chocolate. Enjoy that self-induced la petite mort in every single bite.

ROSEY - White Chocolate Coconut Cake By The Slice


Take a trip to the Caribbean in Rosey, your one way ticket to an island of your own in your mind. The deliciously crunchy layers of cake are made up of coconut and almond flour and then frosted in a white chocolate frosting. A pop of shining red in the form of a fresh strawberry slice will make this your new favorite. So skip the boat ride and enjoy Rosey.

LUCKY - Guinnes Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Cake By The Slice


Just ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky? You should with this fantastic Pretzel Caramel Guinnes Chocolate cake. The layers of chocolate cake are made with a Guinnes beerr that give it an extra bit of punch that is then smoothed out with a cream cheese frosting and pretzel bits in between the layers. Finished with a homemade caramel drizzle and a pretzel garnish, Lucky will make your day feel, well, lucky.

BELLA - Dulce de Leche Hazelnut Chocolate Dacquoise Cake By The Slice


What is more beautiful than enjoying the perfect bite of deliciousness? Like the meaning of it s name Bella is not only a beautiful cake to look at but tastes just as amazing. Layers of almond hazelnut meringue cake are filled with a chocolate ganache, a luxurious dulce de leche, and crunchy toasted hazelnuts then topped with a lush chocolate Italian butter cream. Enjoy the beautiful tastes of Bella in every wonderful bite.

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MINA - Funfetti Cake By The Slice


Who doesn t love the colors of confetti raining down? Even more, how can you not love those same brilliant colors sprinkled throughout a cake that seems to be made of all the best childhood dreams? Mina is the perfect cake for all ages with it s delightful scratch made cake layers and rainbow of colors to enchant the eyes. Let the party begin on your tongue and let the resulting shining glee glisten in your eyes.

COCO - Cookies and Cream Cake By The Slice


That childhood delight of cookies and cream we are all to ashamed to admit we haven t grown out of just yet? Meet it s perfectly adult version Coco. Chocolate cake layers are filled with a cookies and cream cream cheese filling and frosted in a velvety cookies and cream Italian butter cream. Garnished with an Oreo cookie Coco will induce sighs of childish glee.

4" Mac Cake

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